Horse riding and luxury: le Saut d’Hermès 2019

Horse riding and luxury: le Saut d’Hermès 2019


As you already know, fashion is one of my means of expression. Great fashion designers and luxury brands inspire me on a daily basis. I have therefore decided today to write to you about this passion and to focus on a brand that I particularly appreciate symbolised by horses: Hermès.
Hermès, a luxury brand that promotes the French Arts of Living through creations that have become iconic in the world of fashion. This institute represented by these silk squares, bags and jewellery. But despite all, the brand remains close to these values.
Indeed, Hermès is a brand that is very attached to these origins. It continues to spread the traditional art of leather today, especially the saddlery which created his notoriety more than 180 years ago. The history of horse riding is closely linked to that one of Hermès, which was able to develop in this very particular and noble universe before diversifying and becoming a reference in the world of luxury.

Le Saut d’Hermès

The equestrian world has always fascinated me since I was a child. I started this sport when I was 10 years old and I immediately identified with him. A discipline combining elegance, refinement and sport in which fashion has a central place with riders always finely dressed and at the top of elegance... anyway the representation of all that I love.
Le Saut d'Hermès, which takes place in Paris this year from 22 to 24 March, is the perfect embodiment of my love for horses and the duality between modernity and tradition at Hermès. A brand that never forgets its roots and creates a sporting event that I particularly appreciate. A competition that takes place at the Grand Palais, where it’s good to attend between show jumping, cocktails and entertainments, I feel comfortable to spend my day before going to one of the Inwood hotels to finish my evening. 

"Love, horse riding and elegance"  

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