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Need to cover up this fall while staying stylish? Discover the 2022 scarf trends...

Fall has arrived. The cold weather is starting to make itself felt as we stroll through the streets of Paris. Need to cover up more to keep you warm during your walks? Wrap your neck in a scarf... Band of fabric generally woven or knitted, the scarf that we usually wear around the neck, has always had a function of protection from the cold and wind!

In the past, in the Middle Ages, the scarf was used as a musette and handkerchief, but it also served as a mark of social distinction. The scarf was first reserved for the nobility who were looking for elegance and refinement. As time went by, it was democratized for all, including the Third Estate.

For the armies, the scarf was a means of recognizing and identifying a soldier's belonging to a troop or a nation, according to its color. For example, under Louvois (Louis XIV's prime minister), "the king's soldiers wore a white scarf while those of Mazarin wore a green scarf".

Over the centuries, the scarf has also become a fashion accessory. It is a piece of the wardrobe that can add value, a differentiating element to our outfit. Especially during the cold seasons, the scarf is worn by almost everyone. But we do not all wear it in the same way, we do not have the same material or even the same color. How we build our look with this accessory allows us to mark our uniqueness and originality. Need to cover up this fall while staying stylish? Discover the 2022 scarf trends...


For the winter that is fast approaching, we advise you to favor cotton or silk, cashmere and wool scarves. These materials are rather pleasant to wear. They are soft, fluffy, and comforting.

We have prepared a selection of trends for this winter 2022-2023:

The padded scarf, which is most often worn crossed over the chest. You can be sure to be on the cutting edge of fashion if you wear one. This style of scarf has not yet been unearthed by everyone! This scarf is starting to be noticed in department store shelves. You can find beautiful models at Moncler, NA-KD or H&M (all price ranges). The most charming colors that lend themselves to all styles of looks are light colors, such as white, cream, beige, ivory and light pink.

If the padded scarf doesn't suit your body type but you still want to look a little more chic and elegant, opt for a classic black, brown or white cotton scarf that you wear as a drape (one end of the scarf thrown over one shoulder) or as a blanket jacket (here you wrap your scarf around yourself and belt at the waist)!

If you don't want to wear this timeless style anymore, we have a new alternative for you... the balaclava! It is a style of woolen hood that covers the neck and head, which gives a very fashionable effect!

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