The team of the Derby Alma Hotel is delighted to welcome you back!

We are looking forward to seeing you again and we are working hard to ensure that your next stay in the capital will be serene, comfortable and wonderful. In order to provide you a truly memorable stay with us, we have developed and implemented a very strict sanitary protocol: The New Art of Welcoming you. This protocol includes various actions that are an integral part of our new daily routine:

- The Art of training: All our employees are trained in the latest safety and equipment norms (masks, visors, gloves).

- The Art of the detail: Frequent and reinforced disinfection (lift buttons, ramps, switches, etc.) is done daily;

- The Art of display: Preventive actions and visual reminders have been put in place throughout our facilities.

- The Art of vigilance: On staff at each hotel is a hygiene supervisor responsible for ensuring the application of safety procedures.


Despite the exceptional situation, we have chosen to improve on ourselves, in order to meet the needs of our clients and our teams. We have completely rethought and adapted our daily routine to guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and safety, while promising you a magical and unforgettable stay.

Through training, reorganisation of our areas and the setting up of new partnerships, everything has been thought out to take care of you and make you experience more than a simple stay. To find out more about our actions, you can find all the details on our website, in the "Art of Welcoming you" page. In the meantime, our team is at your disposal to assist you during your stay and to offer you an authentic and tailor-made experience.