Restaurants are back as well as evenings with friends! You wish to discover new and original places in Paris where pre-dinner does not rhyme with charcuterie boards? We introduce you three tapas restaurants owned by Serge, a dedicated owner who endeavors to great every client each night in his three restaurants.

In a timeless atmosphere, the restaurants La Mangerie, Le Vert Sauvage and Le Rouge à Lèvres welcome you to taste some taps, all more delicious the one from the other, in restaurants that look like no other. With trees planted in the middle of the dining rooms, plants growing on the walls and wallpapers full of colors, these three tapas restaurants will enthrall your eyes as well as your taste buds.


During each of our visits, we have been welcomed with a ritual, typical of Serge’s restaurants, a tasting of the latest homemade arranged rum. A foretaste of good things to come! With a drinks’ menu composed of signature cocktails and a range of exceptional wines, your pre-dinner will be tasty.

On the tapas side, sharing and gastronomy are at their best. With a creamy burrata accompanied with roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula, or a sea bream ceviche marinated with olive oil and lemon juice, it is a fresh and generous explosion that will take over your palate. For the ones who are more into warm dishes, we recommend you the ribs with roasted eggplants. A simple dish but with a homemade marinade and an eggplant wonderfully cooked which makes it absolutely delicious.

You wish to finish by a sweet note? La Mangerie, Le Vert Sauvage and Le Rouge à Lèvres propose you some deserts to share, or not. The minute maid pecan cookie with its pralines ice cream will amaze your taste buds!

Don't miss to discover these three wonders during your next stay in Paris!