The Louis Vuitton Foundation opened its doors in 2014. This museum is dedicated to modern and contemporary art in order to make it radiate on a national and international scale. The museum has a permanent collection with artists such as Janet Cardiff and Bertrand Lavier. Every year, temporary exhibitions take place and some artists are lucky enough to be exhibited in this incredible museum like Cindy Sherman, Chtchoukine or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

In addition to being a huge exhibition space on 3 floors. The Foundation is also a place of expression and hosts debates, seminars, master classes and has a stage for live performances or cinema.

This building, now emblematic of the city of Paris, was designed by Franck Gehry with the aim of offering the capital an exceptional place for art and culture. Thanks to the multiple glass panels covering the building's facade, it becomes a true work of art that evolves with the hours and seasons.


If you are in Paris this summer, we recommend you to go to the Louis Vuitton Foundation to discover the exhibition entitled: “Fugues in Color" which is available until August 29th. This collection of paintings represents the work of five artists all expressing themselves in an original and unique way. It invites you to discover works where colors and supports take liberties by invading the space.

What we love about this collection is the vitality and color that emanates from each of the works.

We advise that you stop by to see Megan Rooney's incredible work called With Sun. A true physical performance, this work was painted directly on the walls of the room in pink and orange tones reminiscent of spring. In addition, an opening in the ceiling brings in natural light and sunlight that blends perfectly with the artist's work.

We also really appreciated the work of Sam Gilliam and his Drape paintings: a canvas coated with acrylic and suspended from the ceiling giving the effect of a tablecloth with multiple colors drying.

For a colorful journey between modern art and street art, we invite you to come and discover these colorful and limitless works.