The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the emblematic monuments of our capital. Located on the Île de la Cité for more than 850 years, it unfortunately caught fire in a tragic accident in 2019 and had to undergo major renovations.

If you are visiting Paris, don't worry, it is now possible to visit it. Indeed, the telecommunications company Orange has created a unique experience to immerse us in total immersion thanks to VR technology.

This immersive experience called Éternelle Notre-Dame VR offers a 45-minute virtual reality tour of the history of this incredible building.


With this unique event, we can discover Notre-Dame like never before.

This first virtual reality show offers us, during the visit, to explore the secrets of the cathedral from the 13th to the 21st century and to meet the emblematic characters of the history of Notre-Dame.

What we love about this experience is that the immersion is total. In addition to the virtual reality headsets, the video game company Ubisoft worked for over 5,000 hours to make the graphics as close to reality as possible.

In addition to this virtual tour, we have the possibility to visit two exhibitions. The first one is about the history and the arts of Notre-Dame and the second one is about the explanation of its reconstruction.

If you decide to take this incredible tour, you should know that 30% of the ticket price will be donated to the organisation in charge of the reconstruction and restoration of our beautiful cathedral. This gives us another reason to book our ticket now.