Justine joined the Inwood adventure two years ago and worked as an assistant manager at the hotel Le Walt. Our Inwood Lover is now a human resources assistant. In this article, she tells us about her latest crush for the restaurant Uma Nota.

Justine recommends the restaurant Uma Nota, a real sharing place

A Japanese and Brazilian restaurant? Yes, it is the unique combination of nationalities that awaits you in Uma Nota, where you can taste the famous Nikkei cuisine born in Brazil in the 1920s. At Uma Nota, the menu is composed of many succulent dishes like many plates to share!

Justine was seduced by this restaurant located in the 2nd district of Paris. Our Inwood Lover absolutely wants to live a culinary experience when she goes to a restaurant. This was the case at Uma Nota, which she discovered during a romantic dinner. She tells us: "we particularly loved the signature cocktails featuring Cachaça, such as the "Cawasabi" with a surprising note of wasabi, but also the famous tapioca dadinhos (made with tapioca and cheese accompanied with a sweet and sour sauce) as well as the freshness of the ceviches".

"A real crush for this address"

Justine recommends Uma Nota for her succulent and original cuisine: "the cuisine is deliciously rich and the idea of revisiting the essential Brazilian recipes and combining them with minimalist Japanese flavours is very intriguing".

Our Inwood Lover has been seduced by the decoration, which matches perfectly with the proposed cuisine. She tells us: "It's a place that inspires happiness and joy of life, in a colourful setting that is reminiscent of the lively Brazilian streets. Conceived by the Bouchaud architectural firm, it reflects the artistic spirit of São Paulo as well as the warm atmosphere of the samba schools.  

When we ask our Inwood Lover for which occasion she would recommend this restaurant? She answers: "It's a restaurant I recommend for any occasion! The ground floor is friendly with a large colourful staircase on which you can toast with friends, sitting on cushions and listening to the music. For your romantic dinner, you'll find more privacy on the first floor and an attentive service".