Our Inwood Lover is a key player during your stay. Wafaa is a maid at the Derby Alma Hotel. She tells us about her discovery of the Columns of Buren and the love she felt for this unique place.

Wafaa recommends the Columns of Buren, a place not to be missed in Paris

The Columns of Buren, also called the Two Plateaux, is a mythical Parisian place that you have probably already seen on your social networks. It is actually a work of art created by the artist Daniel Buren at the end of the 20th century. In the heart of the main courtyard of the Royal Palace, you will find these 260 black and white striped columns. Of different sizes, many people are photographed in this artistic place.

Wafaa was delighted to discover this famous place that she had seen so many times in photos. Despite the rain, with a smile on her face, our Inwood Lover takes pleasure to pose in this unique courtyard. She confides to us: "I am impressed by this work of art which is both beautiful and original". 

"Buren's Columns, a place as impressive as I imagined it would be!”

Our Inwood Lover tells us with wonder: "we feel the artistic soul of this place with its location, nestled in this palace housing gardens, galleries and the theater of French comedy.”

Wafaa recommends you to go to this place that will bring you joy and happiness just at your arrival: "The Columns of Buren, a place as impressive as I imagined it would be!”.

You have understood it, our Inwood Lover has felled in love with this unmissable place. So, go and discover it: a guaranteed moment of happiness!