Our Inwood Lover, maid in our hotel Le Derby Alma, will take care of you during your stay. Fatima, in this article, confides to us her crush for the Centre Pompidou, a museum with an original architecture.

Fatima recommends the Centre Pompidou, a must-see for cultural visits in Paris

Created by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the Centre Pompidou is an architectural masterpiece of the 20th century, recognizable by its outdoor escalators and huge colourful tubes. It houses the National Museum of Modern Art. The building is located in the heart of Paris in the Marais district, just a few wings' beats away from Notre Dame and the liveliest districts of Paris. You will enjoy there one of the most beautiful views of Paris and observe the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, the Opera Garnier...

Fatima was amazed by this museum with its original architecture. She confided to us: "I am impressed by the large escalators that lead to the large terrace". This place, rich in discoveries, gives our Inwood Lover a feeling of a journey out of time. Fatima describes the Centre Pompidou as "a typically Parisian place, unique in the world".

"The Centre Pompidou, a world-renowned centre of art and culture!”

Fatima recommends the Centre Pompidou. She says of this place: "The Centre Pompidou, a world-renowned centre of art and culture!”.

Our Inwood Lover advises you to go and admire the remarkable collection of modern art with works by great names such as Picasso, Matisse or Soulages, as well as contemporary art from 1960 to the present day. She confides to us: "I am impressed by this work of art". She tells us with amusement: "all this art makes me want to start painting!”.

Fatima invites you to go to the terrace, taking the famous escalators of the centre. You will be able to admire: "a breathtaking view, you can see all of Paris. It's wonderful!”

Don't hesitate and visit this famous museum! You will be just as charmed as our Inwood Lover...