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Street Style


Do you know about street style? In Paris, New York, London but also in many cities around the world, women or men at the forefront of fashion address a street look ultra-worked! So in the cupboard the small fitted shirts, today we adopt a grunge and stylish look! The street styles inspire us throughout the year…

Some pieces are essential to street style such as sneakers or sweatshirt! Choose a nice T-shirt to accompany your open hoodie. Regarding sneakers, do not make mistakes, go to known brands that offer iconic models!

Aside from sneakers and sweatshirts the rest of your outfit is largely borrowed from a more classic cloakroom. However, the "street" influence will be felt in your way of dressing!

The Leather Jacket

Why is the leather jacket still so trendy? It is well known that the little leather jacket is one of the centrepieces of our dressing.

The leather jacket has gone through the ages and has adapted to modern times. Grunge, chic or rock, this must-have of our wardrobe fits all our outfits! The leather jacket can be associated with many pieces: dresses, skirts, pants, jeans... But how to wear it? You can opt for different styles!

In winter, for a rock look, wear it with slim jeans, a turtleneck and sneakers. If you want to adopt an elegant style, you can associate it with a white shirt!

Regarding the color, the black remains the undeniable color but if you want to change, we can find beautiful leather jackets with a petrol blue color oil: vintage look guaranteed!
Coco Chanel said: "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. », so do not hesitate to choose a jacket that suits you!

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