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Monsieur Inwood

The meeting between Inwood Hotels and the house Poiray


The meeting between Inwood Hotels and the house Poiray

Cinderella operation

My dear readers,

A few day ago, although we celebrated Valentine’s Day with my tender Elena, I was eager to spend another evening with her. We decided to spend the night at the hotel Le Derby Alma. Indeed, she loves this boutique-hotel, it is not surprising to tell you, the elegant curves and refined materials that highlights the Haute Couture theme of the hotel offer a cozy setting.

At our arrival, the receptionist greeted us warmly and surprised us by handing us a small white envelope with inscribed in silver letters: Poiray.

We were curious, Elena wanted to open it at all costs, she made me think of a child on Christmas day who sees his gifts but has no right to unpack them, I found this terribly touching. I forbade her to open the envelope before we arrived in the room, she grumbled and hastened to run to the elevator.

The mysterious envelope

Happy to share this moment together, we returned to our room, surprised again by the charm that it emanated. I opened delicately the bottle of champagne and served my tender Elena. It was only after she had enjoyed the first bubbles that she quickly seized the envelope, which she opened with vivacity. I was happy to see her so enthusiastic, it is surely what I appreciate most in her, this natural and innocent aspect as if she discovered the facets of this world at every moment.

We discovered inside, an invitation to the colors of the Poiray jewelry brand and a small velvet case. It was a delicate attention, full of finesse and elegance in the image of this jewelery brand that is Poiray!

In this case, we discovered a little pink stone and we could read on the invitation the instructions of this « Cinderella Operation ». The game was simple, all we had to do was go to one of the Poiray shops in the capital. If by magic, the stone can be inserted between  the claws of the ring « Ma Préférence », the choosen one will wins the jewel!

Without further delay, Elena and I were going to solve this mystery…

Dear readers, I do not know why before leaving you I have this sentence Mother Teresa that comes to my mind « Life is a challenge to be met, a happiness to deserve, an adventure to try ». Elena may not win, but she will have no regrets, only the pleasure of trying her luck!

See you soon!


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