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Monsieur Inwood

Sofia Coppola


Sofia Coppola

A great Lady

Dear readers,

There are always people that we find more puzzling than others. These are not necessarily the funniest, the most open, or the most visible, but often those that provide us with a wave of inspiration.

Today, I want to introduce you one of them: Sofia Coppola. The most French among the American women.

She is the daughter of Francis Coppola, an American producer and director who has become a few years ago a reference in the world of cinema, but who is also known for being a winemaker and an editor of a hospitality magazine. His daughter has nothing to prove today, she has successfully emancipated herself from the fame of his father and she has built her own success.

As a director, she has obtained many awards thanks to the unique style of her movies. Thus, she takes part in the greatest cinema festivals: Cannes, Venice, the Golden Globes.

A unique style

This great lady, who lives in Paris because she loves “its colors” and who is married to the leader of a huge Parisian music group (Phoenix), has offered us poignant movies with a remarkable style, such as Lost in Translation, Virgin Suicides, or Marie-Antoinette.

Apart from the cinema, it is usual to see her in first lodges at the greatest Fashion Weeks, or wearing unique dresses offered by the most renowned fashion designers. She has her own style, minimalist but chic and she always knows how to bring herself forward with simplicity and elegance, without doing too much.

Futhermore, her very low presence on social media, surrounds her person with mystery. She wants to be willing to protect herself from the crowds and the agitation which leads celebrity.

One of her quotes confirms her personality and the beautiful person she is: “You don’t have to be noisy. You know what you want, and people respect you”.

See you soon!  


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