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Monsieur Inwood

Irving Penn at Le Grand Palais


Irving Penn at Le Grand Palais


My dear readers,

This morning, I was wandering in the city; a ray of sunshine was breaking through the trees, reflecting on the Seine. I was looking at this marvellous view from the Louvre dock. I was move by this landscape, but my attention was interrupted from this shining show by a Parisian bookman. On his display were disposed a few ancient books, collection cards, old reviews. After looking closer at his parapet, I saw the front page of the 1950 edition of Vogue US. In my opinion, it is one of the most popular front page of the magazine whose creator is Irving Penn.

This huge fashion and beauty American photographer will be exposed next September, the 21, at Le Grand Palais here in Paris.

This exhibition traces the centennial of Irving Penn’s birth. He is an artist that I love because of his elegantly simple work. He takes part of those who convey emotions.

Photography is an art

To take a photo, is to capture a moment, a magical moment, an inspirational muse or a breath taking scenery.

The strength of Irving Penn’s photograph stay in the intention, the emotion and the personality of the model. He wish he can had an impact through his stylish and architectonic compositions. I admire him and his work for this strength that emerge from the shades, from black and white contrasts. A personal signature of the artist. A visual style which has conquered huge personalities such as Pablo Picasso or the beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

I went out of my thoughts; I took on my hands this front page. I looked to the Seine, to Paris, to this city full of treasures and I watched its fervour. At this moment I was wondering about our place in the world; about what we are going to leave behind us. Irving Penn and his secret personality, has left behind him his photos, his view of the world, and last but not least, his passion for his meticulous work.

On my side, I will go to this exhibition at Le Grand Palais. I invite you, dear readers, to do exactly the same.

I’ll let you go by telling you this phrase of Henri Cartier-Bresson: “Photography is a blade which, in eternity, capture the moment which dazzles it”.

See you soon,

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