The Haute Couture and Monsieur Inwood

The Haute Couture and Monsieur Inwood

In the heart of fashion industry

Dear all readers,

My interest for « haute couture » is dated to the moment when as a child I used to see my parents preparing themselves to the best receptions. They were wearing nice shoes with perfect dress or new elegant suit. I remember how sophisticated they look and wanted like them wearing nice clothes to sublimate my body.

When I’m going to the Derby Alma, I like to regain this particular attraction for fashion and catwalk shows. Here in the Derby Alma, I thought the first time that it was the symbol of the Parisian’s Chic.

Couturier's Lifestyle

I also thought of traditional sewing shops where I am welcomed sometimes. It is a hard and technical work created by skilful hands and as an Interior designer I got inspired by the patience and the principles of seamstresses fashion clothing. It is such a pleasure to get involved in the heart of fashion industry where everything is the matter of refinement and perfection.

Everytime I go to the hotel Le Derby Alma, it is all about style and joy and each moment in the hotel is the perfect introduction to elegance.

As you can see fashion is a language and the beauty is an attitude. Each outfit reveal your own refinement,

See You soon,

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