Le Marais district and its second-hand clothes

Le Marais district and its second-hand clothes

Le Marais, inspiration’ source.

Dear readers,

The expression of the personality passes by, according to me, the style. Obviously, I consider that the spirit is a big part of the personality, but I have always tough that people around me consider myself as elegant, mysterious and timeless up to my trademark: my style.

To inspire myself, I walk in Paris, city of lights, fashion capital, to find the essence itself of the image that I like to deliver. Indeed, this is sophistication, delicacy and attraction which define the eternal Parisian style and which is the basis in my perpetual investigation of innovation in terms of fashion.

The second-hand clothes

This is how I like strolling in Le Marais, in Paris. In this neighbourhood, I will recover second-hand clothes store, more or less known, more or less big, and more or less full, all different, all inspiring. They are the fashion cradle, helping trend to renew itself in the aim of proposing itself to a population addicted to fashion, in eternal quest of inspiration.  Indeed, fashion becomes a cyclical concept, essence of the past is taken again by this generation who is, then, inspired by our root, our history.

Tilt vintage, Fripes Ketchup, Hippy Vintage, Le Coffre… As many addresses to quote few of them, that have known to remind me my childhood, but also make me travel in the time through materials, colours and shapes. Feathers, pearls, jeans, shoulder-pieces… As many as inspiring sources for me that I have used over the years through my professional life, as my personal life and which define the essence itself of my personality : My style.

After a day in request of inspiration as this one, this is at the hotel Le Derby Alma that I like to go to rest. In their sofa like felted, in this intimate atmosphere, cocktail in hand this is how I do my own introspection, the one of my style. Indeed, as Yves Saint Laurent has known to tell it before me: « Fashion passes, style stays ».

See you soon,

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