High places of parisian Fashion

High places of parisian Fashion

The parisian Haute Couture

Dear readers,

You need to know that Paris is a real show. The sight of all those women and men walking down the streets of Paris with perfumes and new clothes is absolutely delightful. I never get bored. In a mysterious city where live several shades of an insolent grey, I am please to hear noisy high heels on the floor. Like a nice old song, Fashion has its own rythme which is very inspiring!

French Museums

Today I have an appointment with Haute Couture in two amazing museums. The architecture and atmopshere of those sites are made to welcome fashion. La Haute Couture can rest but never die. I am thinking of the Galliera’s museum and the Arts decoratifs museum. The act of dressing has changed. Bodies and trends have changed too. Muses have turned into iconic fashion figures. How many stories is telling the fashion industry?a lot! It is a story about misfits, dreamers, aesthetes who had an ideal : give birth to their clothes.

In the heart of the Galliera’s museum, set up priceless collections of unique french clothing. Until the 23rd of June 2016, « Anatomie d’une collection » reveals to the audience numerous elements of fashion from 18th century to the present.

At the Arts decoratifs museum, all the details and the interiors tell about what fashion means through three centuries. It is the place to be until the 7th of August 2016 !

« Elegance is the only beauty which will never fade ». Such a lovely thught  in a perfect mind! Thank you Audrey Hepburn ! 

See You Soon,

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