Fashion Week Menswear

Fashion Week Menswear

Behind the scenes of fashion show

Dear all readers,

Since my childhood, I’ve always been behind the scenes of fashion show with my mother. Her fashion education and requirement details are for me a real source of inspiration.

I’ve always been impressed by the style of my mother and I would say that it helped me to shape the man that I am today: a mysterious man with the look and the elegant audacity.

Fashion Week Meanswear

Fashion Week is part of me and when I go to a show that is all my body which is exalted by so much beauty. The patterns and materials are intertwined with an idyllic atmosphere where emotion is required.

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, as many Maison de Haute Couture that dictate every season the fashion codes, my codes. This year, Fashion Week "Fashion Men" looks sparkling from the 22nd of June till the 26th ! The greatest designers will be at the appointment and I am lucky to be there on the list! You will find me at the Maison des Métallos, the Palais de Tokyo or the Opéra Garnier ...

The Spring Summer 2017 collection drew my curiosity and wonder if it will live up to my expectations : Japanese art would be there ? Will we find the oriental inspiration already seen in the collection of Marc Jabocs for Milan Fashion Week?

Those questions will soon find their answers... One thing is certain, my Couture marathon will stop at Le Derby Alma which is my favorite place!

So dear readers, if at the corner of fashion show, you dare turn your head then maybe we'll have this nice chance to meet and shine our eyes around the finest fabrics.

See you soon.





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