Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau


The Art Nouveau movement dates from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This art is based on the aesthetics of curves and arabesques. Inspired by nature, it favours the theme of women.

At this time, European civilization is going through a period of great turbulence, the world of art and decoration must therefore meet the requirements of this evolution.

Ceramics, furniture, glassware, Art Nouveau offers a real aesthetic universe. In France, Hector Guimard embodies Art Nouveau. Architect of the 20th century, he is mainly known for his subway entrance in the Parisian metro. These splendid entrances have become, over time, real icons!


Metro, storefront, buildings, houses and mansions, you will discover the Art Nouveau in most of the districts of the capital.

By its fantasy, Art Nouveau is an artistic movement that was surprising. It is an art very present in Paris, particularly in the 16th arrondissement. There are about 400 buildings from this movement!

I have always been intrigued by the objects of Art Nouveau, pretty floral vases with voluptuous curves, singular lamps with tormented forms but it is especially the Parisian buildings that fascinate me. There are Rue Réaumur dozens of exceptional buildings, you will find at No. 124, a building that perfectly characterizes industrial buildings Art Nouveau!

"Love, Art and Allure"