The perfume

Luxury and refinement

My dear readers,

There is symbol that represent instantly France and Paris for each eyes. The Eiffel Tower or the Bateaux Mouches are a perfect example, but the one which interested more particularly today is the perfume.

Image of luxury, style and refinement, it was invented during antiquity, much before France was created…

Today, perfume became a commodity for everyone, and rare are the persons who never wear one, most of the people finding regularly an occasion to use perfume, others having it as a daily habits. 

For me, there is no day to be perfumed. I wear it constantly so much it is important to have a delicious smell and I have to admit that I am as perfectionist about my perfume choice than doing my job!

Golden smells

Indeed, I fiddle a lot about perfume… Firstly, because when I choose one, I want the smell to perfectly melt with my skin, which could be complicated because of the facility to try a lot of them, and because of the sensibility and the complexity of our olfactory sense.

Furthermore, I love to wear a different perfume depending on the way I get dressed and the fabric I have on me, let it be more thin or thick…

So I developed my own methods to always wear the ideal perfume and feel good with it: first, I found a range of 5 perfumes relatively different which permits me to wear one different in all seasons.

Then, on thin fabric, I put a natural and flowery smell perfume during summer and a more wooded one during winter. On thick fabric, I wear a more chypre and spicy perfume during summer, and a deep and dense during winter.

Then, depending on my mood, I sometimes change as I want, just for the pleasure…

My dear readers, I remember a sentence of Francis Denmark, a Belgium poet, who said “ How to live without the love perfumes? “

See you soon !

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