The Monceau district

An iconic neighborhood

A few days ago, we spent with Mlle Inwood a sweet day in the north-west of Paris, and more particularly in the Monceau district!

On the border between the 17th and the 8th district is the Monceau district. It is a district organized around the lovely Parc Monceau, whose unknown history is full of unusual anecdotes!

We discovered during our ballad different architectural style. Haussmann buildings, Art Nouveau, Renaissance. There is something for every taste! One can admire also sumptuous mansions having sheltered many personalities such as Guy de Maupassant or Edouard Manet.

Of course, there is the Parc Monceaux. Surrounded by gilded grids with gold leaf, it is one of the most beautiful gardens of Paris. This beautiful green setting will amaze you with the number of curiosities it houses.

Contemplative garden

Parc Monceau will offer you a wonderful moment of relaxation, oxygen and contemplation!

Did you know, dear readers that the construction of Parc Monceau dates back to the 17th century, under the leadership of the Duc de Chartres? Located in the 8th arrondissement, it is one of the most elegant gardens in Paris.

The walk offers many surprises: many statues, spectacular trees, a great diversity of birds, a splendid basin. It is a calm and pleasant park where it is good to stroll at the return of the beautiful days.

It is in this iconic park that took place the first parachute jump in history! A feat that we owe to the Parisian André-Jacques Garnerin, who jumped into a balloon Park Monceau in October 22, 1797.

This splendid Parisian garden is also a source of inspiration for the greatest artists. Painters like Monnet or Caillebotte, but also photographers have chosen Parc Monceau for their works.

This typical Parisian neighborhood will offer you some nice surprises!

See you soon!

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