The Grand Musee du Parfum

Thousand and one scents 

Dear readers,

My words will seems well cheesy, but some days, joy is not carrying me. At this moment my mind try to reassure by much simpler sensations that life can bring to us. These sensations that we take for granted and therefore we forget. The simplest appearing in my mind is the happiness to have my  five senses, taste, sight, touch, hearing and of course smell... This allows me to relativize, to concentrate on my senses and pleasures that those senses can provide me throughout my day...

It is fantastic to see how a delicate aroma of fragrance can rise up a thousands of memories, sensations and emotions. It was time that the city of Paris can find all his sensations! Globally recognized and undisputed for its status as capital of fashion, it was surprising to see the Parisian metropolis not enjoy a museum whose theme is this noble art of fragrance creation.

An olfactory experience


Fortunately, it is this forgetfulness which is filled today by the Grand Musée du Parfum, which will open next December. This place housed in a nineteenth century mansion, located in the eighth district will be dedicated on four floors to perfumes and their creations in a modern decor with plenty of olfactories surprises. Dedicated to Christian Lacroix couture workshops, this establishment will enjoy a second life with the task of discovering the world of perfume to anybody. For a long time promoted by the French union of perfumery but also controlled by a scientific committee which has the nose Jean-Claude Ellena or historian Elisabeth de Feydeau, the project is finally born to the delight of our curiosity.

Hotel Le Derby Alma seems to be the undisputed place to sublimate this olfactory experience and enjoy an enriching exchange with his most endearing staff. I will conclude my statement by saying that " Choosing a fragrance is awakened a part of his personality ".   

See you soon !

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