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Since childhood, fashion has always fascinated me. I always wanted a new accessory to ornament my outfit. I did shopping with my mother and often I looked over the stalls, until my glance illuminates itself in front of something. Changing, renewing every season, unexpected, it expresses our personality and our moods. The houses of great couturiers abound here, in the fashion capital which is Paris. Lanvin, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior… The cot of the Haute Couture is in the hexagon, and this is probably one of the reasons which made that Paris is a dear city of my heart.

Haute Couture

When we talk about fashion, we also talk about style, probably because one comes from the other. Indeed, every one bring its personality, its audacity, to adapt fashion on oneself, to express our way of being. This is how is created the style. What I love in Paris, this is to sit on a bench and observe people. Of course, we find styles more present in some neighbourhood. For example, artists and creators are really present in the Marais district. Hence, we can see there, a lot of people who follow the fashion diktats. Sometimes, it is a colour, another time it is a period or a motif. Fashion renews itself.

This is in Paris that Haute Couture was born. Here, Gabrielle Chanel knew notoriety. There, Christian Dior spread his models. In those streets, Jeanne Lanvin knew inspiration. In these neighbourhood, Yves Saint Laurent opened the doors of his fashion house. Paris inspires and gives personality to clothes.

After having thought about style and fashion, this is in the lobby of the hotel Le Derby Alma that I settle myself. I observe this photography, “La femme en rouge”. This dress, red poppy, this audacity that we can see on the woman’s face… And I think about Paris, that I often associates to this Coco Chanel’s quote: “Fashion is not something which exist only in clothes. Fashion is in the air, scope by wind. We guess it. Fashion is in the sky, in the street”.

See you soon!

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