The Fashion Week Paris 2017

My passion for fashion

My dear readers,

When I think about the beginning of the year 2017 which is approaching, I am slightly nostalgic about all the beautiful moments that I lived and shared in this year 2016. Indeed, it was a year full of surprises and unexpected development, a year that will be marked by my meeting with my divine Elena.

We must not forget his past to build his future, but we must also be able to project ourselves towards this uncertain future, without forgetting to savour each second of the present moment. Paradoxically, I am very excited to see what 2017 has surprise in store for us because unforgettable events are expected in our new agenda and I am looking forward to them, especially by his side.

We all have passions, its passions, its dreams that give us the desire to live our lives fully. These passions allow us to realize ourselves and to feel ourselves existing. Personally my passion is not just a hobbit, it is a form of expression, a form of art in its own right.I have the great privilege of sharing it with Elena, which is very stimulating. Moreover, we are extremely lucky to be invited at the beginning of this year to an event that transcends us, the famous and inimitable Fashion Week of Paris.

Fashion and Haute Couture

After New York, London, Milan, it is the turn of our sublime capital to put on and present its most beautiful works from 22nd to 26th January 2017. The most reputed Parisian maison de couture will unveil their creations during this week of parades dedicated to Haute Couture.

Elena and I are particularly pleased to be able to discover new collections together in an event which gather passionate people of this exalting sector. The fashion week arrives in Paris, with its new trends, its aspirations, its parades, its evenings, its atypical atmosphere and especially its avant-garde character. This event is marked by mystery, the places where the parades will take place are kept secret in their majorities, although we have our little ideas with Elena.

I am happy and excited to make you live this event that I appreciate so much. I wish you a delightful evening by quoting you Torey Hayden « Happy those who cultivate dreams. But, dreams require sacrifices and few dreamers survive. »

See you soon!


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