The collection agnes b.

«  LIVE !! »

My dear readers,

At the beginning of 2017, I am questionning myself. I visualize my last year by reminding myself of what I have accomplished but also, what I did not dare to do by fear or by simple procrastination effect. I lay bare, trying to understand the man that I am and the man that I want to become. I assume what I am not proud of and what I want to change in the future. Fortunately, each new year inspires new objectives to realize, all linked by a single word: LIVING

You do not have much time to be amazed by the exhibition agnès b. Entitled « LIVE !! » which is presented at the National Museum of the Immigration History until January 8, 2017.

For this great Parisian premiere and in an ambient context not always pink, the fashion designer and world-famous gallery owner, agnès b., Chose to show to Paris a selection of works, photographs, installations and paintings from its extraordinary collection of contemporary art that she has built up over the years.

«  LIVE !! » is an exhibition that unveils a part of its secret garden by presenting a selection of seventy works, all of which establish an unprecedented dialogue with the collections of the Museum of the History of Immigration. It was also fabulous to assimilate the concordance with the permanent collections of the Museum of the History of Immigration, centered on the journey of the migrants, the rupture with the family and the integration in an unknown society.

The National Museum of the History of Immigration

Backed in the orchestration by Sam Stourdzé, the collector wished to celebrate life with renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Brassaï, Jean-Michel Basquiat, on the themes of « Danser, Aimer, Travail or Révolter ». This exhibition takes us, confronts us with the great stages of life, from childhood to death, going through the research of identity, revolt, work and celebration (especially dancing!). The artists exposed are engaged in youth, love, identity and the thousand possibilities to live in this world. Between humor and seriousness, « LIVING !! » seeds moments of life, simple, accessible and human.

Famous for its brand of ready to wear, here is an opportunity for you to discover a more intimate facet of the fashion designer with as central theme of the exhibition: its sensitivity.

It is a real pleasure to share with you my experiences to stimulate your curiosity and give you the desire to admire an exhibition. Nevertheless, there are exhibitions that transcend me more than others, it was the case for this one that I recommend to you with great passion so much it is moving and crying truth.

I would leave you dear readers by revealing to you that « LIVING » and « LOVING » are surely the most beautiful verbs of our vocabulary, words full of meaning and sometimes difficult to understand however they remain by far the most fundamental reason that we have to be here on this planet.

See you soon!

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