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My dear readers,

As a fashion and stylistic men I am today, I always had a certain attraction for city shoes, stacking pairs as gems in my closets. Since, I am still searching for perfect shoes, probably marked in my childhood by Seven League Boots myth that I dreamed to have.

This is why I grant, surprisingly, a magic aspect to shoes which are, for me, the major revealing reflect of style and fashion.

This is due to the fact that I read several stories, thinking about Talarias, winged heel support of Hermès in greek mythology or speed shoes of Loki in Walhalla’s one.

Inspirations and meetings, this is what built me. And my meeting with Elena allowed me to find shoes at my feet.

Derby or Richelieu ?

To go back to the shoes, if there is indeed a type of shoe that I have always liked, it is well the shoes of city. When I was beginning to pay particular attention to my style of dress, I had a passion for the difference between the Richelieu and the Derby and put these two models at my feet.

However, over time, I could make a stand and I have preferred Derby for many reasons. First of all, they are French and represent an Art of Living and making close to mine. Then, in terms of look and aesthetics, I find them much more adaptable and versatile. They can be easily worn with jeans, chino, trousers or a suit.

Finally, it is comfort that you feel that I adore, since the fact that the laces are opened and maintained by two pieces of leather offers us a tenderness and adapts better to any form of foot.

My dear readers, if you have a nail in the shoe and the stomach in the heels, there is no point to go to the cobbler.

See you soon!

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