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A beverage of exception

Dear readers,

As a dandy, I love to take a delight in tasting nectars of rare and subtle flavors.

Whether it be at social events, private parties or punctual evenings, I always look for exceptional beverages, and rather for quality than quantity.

And as I am always passionate and imbued with the French Arts of Living, there is one of the most typical drinks that I clearly enjoy: wine. The finesse and complexity of its conception, giving it a unique taste and color, make me admire the Houses that integrate modern or ancient techniques to bring out the best from the grapes. Some say wine has a soul.

As for all of my passions, I also have a preference and a particular affection for some brands or products that I cannot part with.

Luxury and refinement

When the occasion arises, I am endlessly attentive and curious about the choice of the best bottle. And if there is one that seems vital to celebrate all kinds of events, it’s champagne, local sparkling wine that highly contributes to the reputation that France holds as far as its gastronomy is concerned, all around the world.

Today, I am happy to announce that Inwood Hotels and my favorite champagne brand, Cattier, become partners.

Cattier’s bottles lie in a cellar 27 meters below the surface of the land. It is one of the deepest cellars containing champagne and was conceived for a perfect conservation and ageing of the beverage.

Each of their bottles is a genuine delight to taste and I strongly advise all of you to try one of their creations, no matter which, without being afraid of any disappointment.

Whether you taste a bottle of dry or white, you will instantaneously feel the sparkles of superior quality champagne. And I have no words to describe the Clos du Moulin or the Armand de Brignac – they are a divine creation.

I am impatient about their arrival to Inwood Hotels, and I will certainly raise a glass to celebrate this partnership.

Dear readers, George Sand once said “Champagne contributes to amazement”. The Cattier House clearly manifests it.

See you soon!

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