The capital of fashion

Fashion and its capital

Dear readers,

These days, Paris enjoys an image that the entire world is aware of.

The grandeur of this city makes from it an attraction which is valued everywhere. Thus, Paris often becomes the victim of bias and prejudice. And if there is something that nobody can take away from it, it is that Paris is the capital of fashion.

The French capital indisputably forms part of the « Big Four » with London, Milan and New York included. However, the city holds a specific savoir-faire faithfully transposed by its exclusivity on Haute Couture since its advent.

Therefore, it is thanks to the mastery, the expertise and the luxurious aspect of the city and of fashion that one can consider it as the fashion capital. It is an profound pride for all Parisians to know it, and especially because Paris is also thought to be one of the capitals of Art, where a majority of artists fulfill their artistic desires and create masterpieces.

Haute Couture

Originally, Haute Couture refers to Charles Frederick Worth, a Frenchman with British roots, who, in the early years of the 19th century, was the first person to organise fashion shows in order to display his creations.

Since then, fashion has become a large area that flourishes and boosts the attractivity of France. What would fashion and the French art of living be without its jewellers, perfumers and trunk-makers ? They all have contributed to create the grandeur of this city.

Nowadays, I consider that all Parisians are ambassadors of our city and must convey the best image of Paris in the eyes of the world’s citizens, no matter their style or origin.

I still cannot understand the persons that do not want to assimilate the image that we have, that promotes us worlwide, inspires and makes dream audiences from the whole planet.

Dear readers, Coco Chanel has offered us a quote that faithfully represents Paris’ appeal for fashion, and fashion’s appeal for Paris : « Paris is not  something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. »

See you soon !

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