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The French Woman

My dear readers,

Sunday morning is a sacred moment of the week. It is a moment that I much appreciate because it is the day of the week when I can revel a moment with myself and I let my mind wander to his thoughts. Enlightened by the rays of the sun that warmed my body from the coldness of winter, my thoughts flew away little by little to find Elena.

Elena is a wonderful experience, this young woman full of audacity never ceases to amaze me. It is incredible to realize the impact that a person can have in our lives.

We share good numbers of common passions including the fashion one. Having taste for this form of Art, I sometimes fantasize about the idea of working together to create a collection. This dream is far from being unrealizable in view oaccording to this famous couple who, there is 30 years ago, founded the charming house Tara Jarmon known for its inimitable style symbolized by a colorful and chic elegance.

An inimitable style

The history of this brand is in my opinion a fine example of the coincidences of life since it all begans with a common passion.

This admirable symbiosis between professional history and love story was one of the keys to their success and after reflection, I perceive curious similarities between Madame Tara Jarmon and Elena.

Tara Jarmon by her collections inspires women from today, Elena also inspires women from today by her articles published in the greatest fashion magazines. Tara Jarmon and Elena embody the modern French women, strong but sensitive, feminine, courageous, cultivated, full of humor, of charms and above all with independent temperaments. I am sorry to sum up these two prestigious and brilliant women in a few lines so much their lives inspire me.

I wish you a pleasant evening by quoting the illustrious maxim of Gabriel-Marie Legouvé, « Behind every great man hides a woman. » I do not pretend to say that I am a great man however it is true that being with her I will surely become one.

See you soon !

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