Summer Sale Season 2017

An intense moment

My dear readers,

The summer sales are always a period of intense euphoria during which many people rush to the shops and stores in order to find the rare gem at the best price.

This year, they begin on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 for the greatest pleasure of men and women! And I confess that every year I wait impatiently for this period, not do to business or shopping, but because I particularly like to please people who want to be accompanied and to have a wise look at their purchases.

I also like to be able to take my time and step back on the Paris bustle that seems to be at its peak during this short period of the year.

A tear and a smile

I often remember last year’s sales as it was the first time we spent a whole day shopping with Elena, which can prove to be a crash test in love.

As we headed for the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center, perfect for spending the day, I offered her a game that she accepted with enthusiasm. Each of us had to choose during that day a garment of fashion accessory that the other would have to wear the next day for 24 hours.

After spending a long time both of us, we gave ourselves an hour of delay and a meeting place. 

An hour later, we agreed and offered ourselves our presents. When I first opened her gift, I was very suprised to see a dark green beret embroidered with red that revealed the bad taste that some people may have. She burst out laughing at my reaction, which scared the people around her.

Then she opened her own and discovered a white gold necklace set with a diamond and looked at me, mouth open, then after a few seconds asked me with a childish air: « Just for one day? » and I replied « No, I hope for a lifetime! ». She shed a tear, fell into my arms and during this embrace I realized that I had never been so fond of making a woman laugh and cry.

My dear readers, love is like a book: a unique work, several chapters, a thousand stories and a same feeling in the heart of the author that he seeks to share in all its splendor.

See you soon!   

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