Saint Patrick's Day 2017

Irish National Day

My dear readers,

Last night I came home from work, when suddenly I received a call from Elena. She was very cheerful and asked me to join her at the bar where she was taking a drink with its friends.

I wondered what she could celebrate in this end of week. I did not noticed that today, Friday, March 17, 2017, we celebrate the famous Irish festival called St. Patrick's Day. I suddenly remembered that Elena had heartstrike for this country and stayed there for several months.

Curious about this event, I decided to find out what Saint Patrick was before joining them. It is simply the patron of all saint of Ireland who contributed to christianized all the country. He was the subject of such veneration that this day of feast was chosen by the Irish government as a national holiday.

I joined Elena and her friends at the bar near Bastille. I meant happy to find people I had already seen at the new year organized by Elena but also delighted to meet others. I listened attentively the various adventures of every one of them had experienced in the country of the clover.

The green of hope

They told me that in Ireland, St Patrick's Day is a particularly festive day: beer flows and parades are organized all around the country. A kind of collective euphoria floods on the streets with this famous green color, the traditional color of Ireland. The small detail which has its importance is that everyone to put a clover to their buttonhole. A unifying symbol in this country for a long time divided by this same religion.

I understood why Ireland was celebrating this day but I did not understand why this festival had spread the four corners of this world. It was a friend of Elena who helped me understand this expansion. I did not make the connection but Saint Patrick day is celebrate all around the world thanks to the expatriates or descendants of Irish emigrants who imported their emblematic feast in different countries, so today Canada or United States is clad in green.

I did not plan to party today, but life is full of surprise and sometimes you have to enjoyed by the moments that the life bring to us.

Elena and I came backto Le Derby Alma, the eyes full of stars. Dear readers, I wish you a good evening by quoting Madame de Genlis « We only enjoy what we share. »

See you soon!

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