Prix de Diane


Why do I like the Prix de Diane? Simply because this event of elegance is more than just a race of horses!

The Prix de Diane is an extraordinary event that brings together thousands of people each year at the heart of the Chantilly Racecourse. It has become an essential event for Parisians, where elegance is the watchword.

The Prix de Diane is not just an equestrian race, but it's also a great picnic, an exclusive DJ set and an elegance contest!


Do you know the iconic accessory of this event?

Chic or extravagant, the hat is the essential element of the weekend! It is usually accompanied by dresses and accessories.

Every year we find a lot of hats, from the biggest to the most original. But which model to choose?

We can seem quickly lost in the world of hats as there is a model! If you have an oval face you can, for example, opt for a floopie hat. The floopie hat remains timeless, it is very elegant and feminine!

Opt for a floopy hat with details such as a colorful ribbon around the hat. If your outfit is rather exotic, the hat must be too! If you are more classic, opt for a large floopy hat enhanced with a feather or a flower.

Which hat for a square face?

If you have a square face, one seeks to round off his features with round shapes. I advise you then the hats of the type melon or bell!

Do not forget to coordinate your hat with the dominant color of your dress!

Know that the competition is tough because women redouble inventiveness to be noticed on the lawns of the racecourse of Chantilly! Then put all the chances on your side!

"Love, Fashion and Elegance"

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