Paris Winter Sales 2017

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My dear readers,

When the fairytale of holiday begins to fall and the cold winter sets in on our dear capital, I try to keep in mind that beautiful moments are coming. I project myself on events that give me a smile and make me move forward. This philosophy allows me to remain positive and to take advantage of the present moment when the time comes.

At the beginning of January, my little moment of happiness is the Sales. This may seem simplistic to you, but they console me when the winter hardens.

For many, the word « sale » rhyme with hysteria in stores and looks more like the quest of the grail in order to find clothes at our size rather than a real shopping moment.

However, for my part the Sales are a moment of pleasure. It is not just buying clothes to remake her wardrobe and not catching cold during the winter. I share it with a childhood friend named Audrey. Our lives have « moved us away » but every year we give ourselves this moment that we have preserved since the age of fifteen and which is symbolic for our friendship.

Discovering Paris

The beginning of the Sales is a ritual that we renew every winter as summer. We find ourselves in the 4th arrondissement of Paris more precisely in the district of the Marais, known for its culture of fashion and its intimate atmosphere. We start with a small coffee to awaken the energy needed for this busy day.

After enjoying the delicate bitterness of the scented aroma of a hot coffee, we stroll through the cobblestone streets traveling from shops to second hand clothes shop. This district is full of concept stores and small creators all more talented one another. In friand fashion lovers it is a pleasure to walk there.

My thought will seem fanciful but we like to think that we help someone to realize its dream when we buy clothes in a concept store. It is necessary to project beyond the clothing aspect, the quality and the way in which it is made is a true illustration of French know-how.

At noon we stop in a small restaurant named « La petite table» located rue Saintonge. A delight for the view and for the palet, an exquisite moment cut off the frantic rhythm of this particular day in the heart of the fashion capital of the world. With a fresh mind, we resume our walk, enjoy the present moment where laughter and curiosity mingle to offer us wonderful memories.

Dear readers, I wish you a delightful evening before joining the hotel Derby Alma and quoting a famous Lebanese painter and poet Khalil Gibran « Let the sweetness of friendship be made by laughter and shared pleasures ».

See you soon!

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