Paris lights up for Christmas

The magic Christmas’ shop windows

My dear readers,

Our beautiful city is getting ready for a new winter but mainly to the arrival of a celebration so awaited by everybody : the wonderful and magical Christmas ! On this occasion, each year, department stores put on their most beautiful decorations all over sparkling and wonderful as each other.

Therefore, I decided today to let room for my imagination with the discovery of the shop windows and I was surprised with all this beauty ! The 2016 edition makes us live a real experience and takes us to the enchanting world where light set, originality and modernity blended to perfection.  

The Galleries Lafayette

After a long time spent contemplating those windows, I decided to push the doors of stores and I started my expedition with the mythic Galeries Lafayette. As soon as I entered in the bulding, I could already feel the excitment inspired by Chirstmas : a sense of joy, hapiness and tranquility that brings together all generations.

Naturally, I started the Christmas preparations and especially the one that requires a lot of patience to find this little attention, this gift, this little something that will delight our loved ones. I passed through the stands and I could not stop thinking about what Elena could like. Our rendezvous at Montmartre was so wonderful, so intense. We hardly knew each other, but I already had the feeling of knowing her since always. I guess that feeling is the one we feel when alchemy occur between two people.

I was scared at the thought of disappointing her, maybe she won’t like my gift… The hours passed and my indecisiveness was growing up… Did she love jewelry ? But what kind of jewelry ? Or maybe she preferred books ? Should I invite her to the restaurant ? I could not stop my choice on something specific as my interest for her was big.

My most beautiful gift this year is to have had the chance to met her, and as so aptly Guillaume Musso « Life sometimes makes us gifts when they are not expected ».

See you soon !

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