Liu Wen, the rise of a great Lady

The rise of a great Lady

My dear readers,

Wandering on the comfortable chairs of Le Derby Alma and taking advantage of this warm and trendy atmosphere that gives me this place, I was thiking about the fashion parade I had the luck to assist in my life. Suddenly, came on my mind a chinese model who catches my attention because asiatics women are underrepresented in fashion industry.

So I did some research and discovered this character named Liu Wen and I have to admit, my dear readers, that I admire deeply this woman who will, I think so, make history of fashion industry so much we could create a symbol of her magnificience.

China values

Liu Wen was born in Yongzhou, China, and is working from her very young age to submit her own needs. At 17, when  she was a tourist guide, she participated to a young model contest named the « New Silk Road World Model » which became a ramp for her carreer who placed her as an Estée Lauder, H&M and Gap brand ambassador.

After this contest, her success got faster and grew up in a exponential way. In 2007, she realized the cover of FHM, Vogue and Marie Claire. She built her success by a very hard-work –she is the model who did the most fashion parade in 2012 - and moreover, by an exceptional personality.

Liu Wen admit in all modesty that she does not find herself beautiful. To her, it’s her aura and personality which influenced her style, which influenced our perception of her beauty. Incredible…

Always in the rush, she loves when her days are full and get bored easily. She does not fear jet lag and never looks tired.

This strong woman did modificate the beauty perception and fashions code in Asia and in the world, so much that she became the first chinese lady to do the cover of the very famous Vogue America magazine.

In two words: Congratulations Lady.

See you soon!

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