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Dear Readers,

When I integrated, few years ago the Beaux Arts School of Paris, I, at first, was afraid of my future. I was looking for someone, something to cling to for hope that I would get, I would succeed in life. Full of doubts, I was looking for those people who one day tried the same fears as me, and this is how I discovered Garance Doré.

I have always been passionate by fashion, however, this is not the reason why I admire her. This blogger gave me hope with her path. From nothing, just a blog, which was, for the period, ambitious, she has become pioneer of the blogosphere!

Garance Doré

Ambassador of the French style in USA …! I have often wondered if she had the same doubts and questionings as me. My reasoning has always leaded to an affirmative answer. Even if I admire this person, she is human before everything! Doubts and questionings, she probably knows! The young woman has known how to hang on, persist, to be heard, and to finish with her current notoriety, which is, according to me, well-deserved. French fashion icon, her name resonates in a woman list influential in this field, as Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve or Inès De La Fressange.

Lost in my mind in the corridors of the hotel Le Derby Alma, I thought to this woman who inspired me during years. Not in my work, but in this research of success, this is her who motivated me to surpass myself. Indeed, resonates in my mind the words of Charlie Chaplin who told “Obstinacy is the way to success”, quote that I have always linked to this blogger who is Garance Doré.

See you soon!

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