Coco Chanel

An icon

Today, I'm going to talk about a great lady, Gabrielle Chanel, called "Coco Chanel"!

My admiration for Coco Chanel dates from my youngest age. In 1956, she launched her famous tailor tweed four pockets, closed by pretty jewellery buttons. I find these costumes exquisite taste, timeless and gives the woman a look of great elegance.

I am very appreciative of people who are passionate, who have ambition. Coco Chanel has been able to climb the social ladder through the success of her work.

This great seamstress fascinates me because she released the woman.

Born in 1883 at a time when only men had the power, Coco Chanel dares to challenge its rules. She is remarkable for her outspokenness and her desire to impose her style. The women of the time will remember especially her refusal to wear the corset.

She is also the first to put tanning to the current tastes, refusing to protect herself from the sun. She will even market, as early as 1924, tanning creams, while fashion is white skin.

The goal of Coco Chanel was to create clothes to dress women and not to imprison them.

Coco Chanel epitomized Parisian elegance. She represented the free Parisian, always looking proud, a cigarette at the end of her lips.

A passion

I like wearing Chanel clothes, they are timeless for me.

The models that Coco Chanel has created are timeless basics: the three-piece tweed suit, the two-tone ballerinas, the sailor shirt and the inevitable little black dress.

Coco Chanel to all created of the contemporary fashion. Did you know that the inevitable sailor shirt was only for fishermen? Coco had spotted it on the beach at Deauville. It is today a must have of our wardrobe, revisited by many creators such as Jean-Paul Gautier.

Chanel clothing combines simplicity and elegance.

I also like wearing Chanel perfumes and especially the famous Chanel n °5.

In 1915, Mademoiselle Chanel launched into perfumery and asked Ernest Beaux to create a perfume that corresponds to her, "a perfume of woman with a woman's smell".

Legend has it that Coco named it No. 5 because it would be the fifth sample proposed by Ernest Beaux that pleased her.

Exhibited at the MoMA of New York since the 60s, immortalized by Andy Warhol in 1968 and still number 1 in global sales of perfume, the famous bottle is a real icon.


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