Childhood memories

Every year, 40 days after Christmas, Candlemas is happening for the enjoyment of adults and children and during this day we all share the most incredible pancakes.

I still have in memory the pancakes of my grandmother and these delicious crepes are the best I have ever eat.

His recipe, I have never been able to reproduce it. My grandmother was cooking according to her intuition and it gave an inimitable product!

Visually attractive, tasteful and qualitative, crisp and soft at the same time... I let you imagine, my kind readers, the pleasure that I experienced during this tasting.

For just a quick snack or breakfast, with jam, whipped cream or salted butter caramel, I enjoy now pancakes at any time of the day!

Gold discs

On this occasion, I invite you to discover the stories of this Christian feast.

The origin of the Candlemas goes back to the Roman times. The economy of ancient Rome, mainly composed of cattle fields, was related to the vagaries of climate and therefore to the gods!

It was customary to celebrate Lupercus, god of fertility and herds to be luckier with the weather. Thus, the inhabitants roamed the fields while agitating torches.

The story also tells that the Candlemas would be derived from little pancakes that symbolized the sun wheel and the gift to the deities.

In the 5th century, the Candlemas became the celebration of the purification of the Virgin and the presentation of Christ to the temple. Candlelight processions were then organized at that time.

My dear readers, you are probably wondering why do we eat pancakes that day? Simply because this gold disc that reminds the sun was at that time a pledge of opulence. Indeed, pancakes was made only from extra flour!

Candelmas offers our taste buds fabulous flavours but beyond the pleasure of tasting, it encourages sharing and conviviality!

See you soon ! 

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