Bow tie or tie

Around the neck

My dear readers,

What better to distinguish itself and have a classy and refined style than a bow tie or tie?

I appreciate so much this two fashion accessories, symbol of elegance that sometimes, I surprise myself to think during a long time to choose which one I will choose, depending on the event I am going, before to hesitate again which model I will select.

In one hand, the bowtie, the most distinguished of this two accessories, which I wear on the most important events. We do not really know when its invention came back even if many people agree to say it is a complex cravat tie invented by Beau Brummell, one of the illustrious founder of dandyism.

The bowtie is, since a long time, a symbol linked to a character. Indeed, what would be James Bond, Donald Duck or Stromae without their bowtie?

A matter of choice

Cravat, on the other hand, is most known and wear.

However, we also know very badly its origin which came from around the 3rd century before JC, in China. The Romans speakers and legionary wore it also. But, when they arrived in France, becoming clothes attribute in all part in fashion world thanks to Croatian hussars who wore it as a distinctive sign. When Louis XIV saw it for the first time, he readapted it and did it become a fashion trend for the French court.

To give a name to this evolution, he made a derivative of “Croatian” word to name it “tie”. Today it become a must-have in fashion, adapted and readapted on many different styles.

My dear readers, when I think too much to choose one of this two accessories, I ask Elena to take the decision for me. I always blindly trust her since the day she said “It is not the accessory which make beauty, but beauty which expect an accessory. It does not enlighten a men but his style: appearance is only a will to give your soul. However, everybody may not understand it.”

See you soon!

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