Anatomy of a Collection at Palais Galliera

Fashion, fashion, fashion at Palais Galliera!

My dear readers,

Since always, I fashion my style by impregnating from various inspirations... Fashion being in my opinion, is a perpetual circle renewing each season according to trends. It may seem extreme to say that fashion has a crucial importance, but I always had the fervent conviction that it reflected the traits of our personality.

Indeed, what more annoying than follow the trends of the moment without even asking a simple question: Does this trend really reflect who I am? Reflections and questions burst out my mind... What style do I have? Can one perceive my personality only by observing me? These questions remained unanswered... I had to learn about our past, our history to understand better fashion of today and in this way to imagine better the fashion of tomorrow.

Fashion transcends time

This is what I did immediately, on my way to the Palais Galliera, Museum of Fashion of the City of Paris, which unveiled the continuation of the exhibition “Anatomy of a collection". As soon as I arrived in the building, I discovered the various stylistic worlds of fashion from the eighteenth century to the present day.

I could see the clothes and accessories of those who had built the memory of our country: from the waistcoat of Napoleon through the dress of the Empress Josephine, including the tailor of Audrey Hepburn I could discern the interest of fashion Eras. Fashion that is synonymous of  taste and aesthetics, fashion synonymous of know-how and social skills and fashion synonymous of power... Everyone sees fashion as he wants to see it .. Personally after attending this exhibition, I particularly associate fashion with France and especially Paris.

My day ended at the hotel Le Derby Alma with a quote from André Suarès "Fashion is the most excellent of pranks, the one where no one laughs because everyone plays."

See you soon!

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